written by
Edwin Ting

Are You Fast Enough For China?

InnovateTing 1 min read
Photo by Max Ostrozhinskiy on Unsplash

Just recall the swift decision by China’s Civil Aviation Authority to ground all Boeing 747 Max within 24 hours of the second Boeing plane crash within 5 months. 

Strategic decisions are made very quickly.  Sometimes just in a 2 hour meeting (or, even just over lunch), and then executed and launch that same day. No reporting back to HQ, no unnecessary red tape. 

Want a new product feature? 1-2 days for a small feature. 3-5 days for a medium feature. 1-2 weeks for a large feature. Foreigner managed technical teams would only be able to manage 3-5 days for small features, 2-3 weeks for medium and “I’ll get back to you.” for large features. 

Hungry? 30 mins food delivery, otherwise, get rewarded with a red packet (cash!).

Grocery? 30 mins grocery delivery, including live seafood, etc, right to your door step. 

Electronic products? Same day delivery. 

The list of fast decisions and execution goes on.

What is your edge in the ultra fast paced China market?