written by
Edwin Ting


Business 1 min read

While nearly the entire world is in some sort of home quarantine, where workplaces and schools are closed. When we only invented these terms in the last couple of months: “flatten the curve”, “circuit breaker”, “home based learning”. When work from home is the new norm.

I am thankful.

I had previously shared my thoughts in a Facebook post, but here it is as a post.

I am thankful I get to spend more time at home. Yes, probably a very different feeling from many of you, but I had always felt like I was spending too little time at home. There were so many families’ homes to visit every weekend, and places to bring the kids, that spending time at home was a luxury. Now, it’s a norm.

I am thankful that I get to watch church online the whole day. I do miss live worship, especially at New Creation Church service at The Star, but I now am able to watch services from all around the world. Including from Hillsong in Australia, Bethel in USA. I am also thankful that I can share online access to my family.

I am thankful to be part of my children’s education. Had always wanted to be more involved in their studies and now I get a chance to.

I am thankful for all the free courses available online, where I get to be a part-time student again. From Financial Accounting, to Design Thinking to AI, I get to learn from great professors from top universities.

I thankful to have access to software and communities for free or for very little money. Learning never ends. Check out Abundance Digital Community and CoFounderLab, etc.

I am thankful for food delivery being made available islandwide, because now I don’t have to be restricted to food options available in my “suburban” neighbourhood town.

I am thankful for being able to sleep in. No more 5+ am mornings, hello 7 am.

I am thankful for not having to commute around the island, and not having to pick up 2 kids from 2 separate locations.

Finally, I am thankful that I continue to run an e-commerce business that is still able to provide some sort of revenue for me and my family in these (unprecedented) trying times.

To everyone, keep safe, and be blessed.