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He Puts On Lipstick, She Lifts Weights

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Gender beauty perception has shifted significantly in the last 5 years, and it’s happening in many Asian countries, including China.

Images from celebrities Weibo

Male key opinion leaders (KOLS or influencers) are posting content on skin care, make up, hair care, luxury goods, and many more content genres which were historically feminine genres.

Austin Li (李佳琦), does make up content and is most well known for live online streaming of him testing out 200 lipsticks in 2 hours, and selling 15,000 lipsticks in just 5 mins of live steaming. His characteristic  “Oh my God” punctuates his live reviews and is well received by netizens.

There’s also the multitudes of young, male celebrities (or affectionately termed little fresh meat) who are endorsing not just male products but also female products to appeal to the ladies. They include a whole bunch of KOLs from Korea too. 

On the other hand, we have female influencers who are looking and acting more suave and macho, participating in activities which used to be  male centric. 

Miniie嚒小妮, for example, would be showing off her gym prowess, lifting weights and practising squats. 

Mia Kong, appears funky, cool and periodically is amping up her macho-ness with boxing, football, etc.

What’s your brand target audience?
Will a little fresh meat cut it for you?
Or, a more funky, macho lay-dee (female influenced) suit you better? 

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